Developer ProReal Estate Development. Cash Flow Analysis Software
The Investor Pro development templates allow you develop the monthly cash flows and determine the development profit and maximum equity required by entering and projecting the development costs, financing and revenues month by month.

There are two types of development analysis templates:

  Video Development
Analysis Investor
  1. Income Property Templates:
    • Rental Apartments
    • Office Buildings
    • Industrial Complexes
    • Retail & Shopping Centers
  2. Unit Development Templates:
    • Condominium & Townhouse Developments
    • Condominium Conversions
    • Land Subdivisions
    • Single Family Home
Features includes:

  • Calculates the "Development Profit" and the "Maximum Equity" needed by the developer to fund the development
  • Goal Seeking allows you to determine how much to pay for the land to achieve the desired returns
  • Projection Wizard allows you to enter and project the development costs and revenues on a monthly basis
  • Multiple loans and draw mortgages
  • Compare up to four development analysis side by side
  • Selected reports can be easily exported to Excel or PDF
  • Investor Pro's flexible features allow you to create your own customized templates for unique developments such as a water slide park, marina, nursing home, mini warehouse etc.

Following are reports for a condominium development example. The analysis uses a Land Loan and a construction draw mortgage.

  • All reports (29 pages or more) (Excludes the Project Comparison Report)