Investit ExpressCommercial Real Estate & Residential Rental Apartments Investment Analysis Software
Investor Express Overview & Features Page

Investor Express has been designed to easily analyze simple investments such buying and renting out a single family home, to more comprehensive long term real estate investments, such as buying an operating a rental apartment building, office building or retail stores. Investor Express can be used to carry out the following analysis for up to 99 years;

  • Comprehensive Income and Expenses analysis
  • Long term investment analysis. Before & After tax
  • Land leases
  • Exploration of creative financing

Investit Express provides industry specific templates enabling you to analyze specific types of properties including;

  • Office buildings
  • Industrial buildings and warehouse
  • Retail stores and shopping centers
  • Rental apartment buildings
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Businesses

As Investit designs new templates you can download them using Auto Update.

My Templates
By modifying or customizing an Investit template you can build your own templates. This allows you to set up unique templates.

The financing options allow you to create absolutely any kind of mortgage you can dream up and allow you to explore creative financing options including fixed and variable rate mortgages, make additional payments and borrowing at any time.

In addition you can set up loans from the landlord to the tenant to fund leasehold improvements

Following are reports for the analysis of an rental apartment building. Reports for other Investor Express templates such as retail, office, industrial, mixed use buildings, retails etc., are similar.