Analyzer ProIncome Property Analysis & Valuation - Templates

The Analyzer Pro program is used to analyze the financial performance of real estate assets by creating the Income and Expense Statements for income properties such as apartment buildings, office buildings etc., It automatically calculates a number of important Financial Measures such as the Cap Rate, Gross Income Multipliers, Default Ratio, Operating Expense Ratio etc.

Analyzer Pro templates include:
• Rental Apartment Buildings
• Commercial Buildings. Office, Retail and Industrial
• Mixed Use Residential/Commercial Buildings
• Businesses
• Mobile Home & RV Parks
……Plus you can quickly create your own unique templates such as a nursing home

Analyzer Pro allows two Income and Expense columns: one for "Actual" and the other for "Forecasted" income and expenses.

As an example:
Column No. 1 “From Owner” Column No. 2 “Adjusted”

The Goal Seeking Wizard is very powerful enabling you to quickly determine the price to pay for a property based on a desired Cap Rate. It also calculates the Cap Rate, Return on Equity and Income Multipliers based on the purchase or asking price.

The following example is a Mixed Use Building Template comprising rental units and retail space.

You can also download a 21 days trial version. Download Investit Pro Trial Version

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