Analyzer ExpressIncome Property Analysis and Valuation
Analyzer Express allows you to carry out in-depth financial analysis of a building’s Income and Expenses allowing you to adjust the income, expenses and financing in order to determine the value of the property based on the desired Cap Rate or Return on Equity.
Templates are available for:
  • Office, industrial and retail buildings
  • Rental Apartments
  • Mixed Use Building such as retail and rental apartment complex
  • Mobile Home & RV Parks
  • Businesses

Investit’s flexible features allow you to create you own customized templates.

Analyzer has two columns for entering the Income and Expenses.

As an example, if you were considering buying a the building in 2011, column one could be “2010 From Owner” and column two “2011 Projected”.

Features includes:

  • Compare up to four analysis or properties side by side
  • Goal Seeking Wizard allows you to quickly determine the value based on your Cap Rate, or desired Return on Equity (Cash on Cash)
  • Graphs
  • Reports can be easily exported to Excel and PDF
  • Large number of detailed and summary Income & Expense reports using Income & Expenses for column one, column two or both columns.
  • Financial Measures Report displays key financial measures for in-depth evaluation a building including:
    • Price per Sq Ft and per Unit
    • Cap Rate, Return on Equity (Cash on Cash), Gross Income Multipliers
    • Loan to Value Ratio and Debt Service or Coverage Ratio
    • Default Ratio (The Breakeven Point)
    • Operating Expense Ratios to determine if the expenses are realistic

In summary Analyzer Express allows you to quickly evaluate an income property and determine the value of the property based on the desired return.

Reports & Graphs
Analyzer Express generates a large number of detailed and summary reports to help you analyze and value a property.