Hold v Sell ProReal Estate Hold versus Sell Analysis Software
The Hold versus Sell series of templates is a unique template group that enables owners of properties to decide whether they should sell their properties and invest the after tax sales proceeds in another venture or keep the property. This is a very important investment decision frequently encountered in the market.
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Hold versus Sell Analysis

Hold versus Sell analysis is probably one the most complex forms of real estate investment analysis because it involves the impact on the cash flows created by investments and financing made a number of years ago while simultaneously taking into account the tax consequences of selling the property today compared to holding the property for an additional period, for example, another five years.

While the calculations are complex the Hold versus Sell templates in Investit Pro are easy to use.
Simply complete the entries required on the input screens and the system guides you through the analysis.

Templates are available for rental apartment, office, industrial, retail and mixed use properties.

Features include:

  • Recommendations as to whether to hold or sell the property
  • Before and after tax analysis
  • Ability to compare up to four analyses side by side
  • A graph showing you whether to hold or sell based on the desired return on investment

Reports & Graphs

  • All reports (35 pages or more. Excludes the Project Comparison Report and all monthly reports)